Product and inventory:

Is Nao chocolate fair trade?

By buying its beans in Sao Tomé and Peru, and processing them in Brussels, Nao has full control over its supply chain, and can guarantee fair prices and decent working conditions for everyone involved. In fact, Nao buys its beans directly from small producers in Sao Tomé. This guarantees a price up to 40% higher than fair trade prices. By sourcing from the CECAQ-11 cooperative, Nao also invests in local development programs, as it has done with its cocoa suppliers in Peru.

What products are available from Nao?

At Nao, there’s something for everyone. We offer chocolate in a variety of forms and textures. Dark chocolate bars with cocoa nibs for purists, milk bars for gourmands, baking trays, spreads, and of course seasonal products: Easter eggs & St. Nicholas caraques….

All our products are sold in bulk in organic stores.

How does Nao select its beans?

To select her beans, Nao works in collaboration with Katrien, Silva Cacao‘s bean hunter. Silva sources its cocoa directly from extraordinary cocoa producers and passionate chocolatiers. Flavor, forest preservation, farmers’ well-being and the future are at the heart of their concerns.

For its bars, Nao buys its beans in Sao Tomé from CECAQ-11 and Norandino. Nao is therefore in direct contact with the producers and can guarantee a fair price for all, as well as decent working conditions.

How does Nao make his chocolate?

For our tablets and some of our other products, we control the entire chain, from bean selection to in-store sales, right through to you. Find out more about our supply chain here. For some of our ‘extras’ we still use organic couverture chocolate. We are currently in the process of making all our chocolates 100% organic. We hope to complete this transition by the end of 2024.

Where do the other ingredients (other than cocoa) used in Nao chocolates come from?

We work with suppliers based mainly in the European Union.

Where can I buy Nao chocolates?

Today, more than 350 sales outlets are listed, mainly in Belgium, but also in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria, with the support of a team highly motivated by the NAO project.

Where can I find the composition of Nao products?

On each product page, you will find :

  • Product features ;
    • Weight
    • Cocoa content (in %)
    • ingredients
    • Allergens
  • Average nutritional values
  • Product availability

You can also download these product sheets in PDF format.

What does the percentage on chocolate mean?

The percentage on the chocolate indicates the minimum cocoa content present in the chocolate. At Nao, we offer ;


For pastry chocolates, we also offer :

  • Dark chocolate 80% – Nicaragua origin
  • Dark chocolate 68% – origin Peru

How to store Nao chocolate?

Store your Nao chocolate in a dry place away from heat and light.
Avoid putting it in the fridge, where it may spoil.

How long can I keep my chocolate?

Nos chocolats ont généralement une date de péremption comprise entre 1 et 2 ans s’ils sont conservés dans de bonnes conditions.

Do Nao products contain allergens?

You can find the allergens present in our products on the corresponding product page. You can also download the list of allergens present in our products.

Do Nao products contain soy lecithin?

Details can be found on the product sheet for each product.

Do Nao products contain palm oil?

Nao products contain no palm oil, colorants or preservatives to preserve their simple yet authentic flavors. We prefer sunflower oil.

Delivery and order tracking

What is the delivery time for my order?

The delivery time for your Nao chocolate order in the webshop is 7 working days. The delivery date of your order will also be communicated on your order confirmation email.

In the event that we are unable to process your order, we will send you an email to arrange a refund.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are calculated automatically when you place your order, according to quantity and delivery location. These are clearly indicated at the time of payment.

Where can I have Nao chocolates delivered?

You can order Nao products from Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

How can I track the status of my order?

After validation, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with a tracking number. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for your order by debit or credit card.

I need an invoice, can you produce one for me?


Can I change my address during delivery?

In some cases, the sender’s interface may allow you to change the delivery address.

What should I do if my parcel doesn't conform to my order?

If your parcel does not conform to your order or arrives damaged, please send us a photo of your parcel with the order number to

What happens if I'm not there for the delivery?

If you are not at home when your order is delivered, you can :

  • Reschedule another delivery with the shipper (Name of shipper)
  • Ask for your order to be delivered to your nearest collection point.
  • Request delivery to your neighbor’s address

Can I order from different delivery addresses?

To do this, you’ll need to place two separate orders.

Why can't Nao chocolates be delivered during the summer (July-August)?

Chocolate melts! We want you to have a delicious time with our chocolates. That’s why we prefer to suspend shipments during heatwaves, rather than jeopardize our quality and your satisfaction. However, you can still find Nao chocolate in your nearest retailer.