Our bulk chocolates in a special display

Nao is the first Belgian chocolate brand that produces organic and bean-to-bar bulk chocolate. To ensure this bulk chocolate catches people’s attention in your store and to stimulate sales, we have designed a carefully thought out, slim wooden Nao promotional display.

Promote Nao chocolate in your store

Présentoir en bois pour le chocolat en vrac Nao

Aesthetic presentation of our products

The Nao display is a ready-made solution to present our range of loose chocolate in your store. This attractive wooden promotional unit can display up to 8 different chocolate references. Positioned in a central island, in the shelves or on a shelf, our display offers excellent visibility for our products in your store.

Distinctive concept and design

Our wooden unit highlights our ecological commitment. The panel explains to your customers how our organic and bean-to-bar chocolate is produced. There is space on the side for flyers and chocolate samples to taste. All elements are present to attract the attention of customers and to promote the products of our Belgian chocolate brand.

Receive your Nao promotional display

An environmentally friendly concept in self-service

Your customers choose the loose chocolates that they wish to buy from the display. They serve themselves using the supplied wooden tongs and place the bars in one of the compostable paper bags that can be found in the centre of the unit. Accurate labelling offers customers all information that they need about the product: reference, origin, bean type, cooperative, etc.

This self-service solution in bulk means that your customers only buy the flavours and quantities of chocolate that they want. This concept focuses on reducing food waste and the quantity of used packaging.

Special displays

We also offer other display formats, as well as custom-made displays.

A practical promotional display

Our unit has been designed in such a way that our chocolates can easily be put on display on shelves.

Easy to install

Our units are simple and easy to install. It can be assembled in just a few minutes by using the installation manual without nails or screws.

Carefully thought out supply system

Our chocolates are supplied in cube-shaped boxes containing 25 or 40 items. To fill the display, you simply lift the plexiglas lid and position the boxes in the “pockets” provided for this purpose. The paper bags and wooden tongs that are supplied with the boxes are positioned in the centre of the promotional display.

Integrated storage space

There is a storage space for additional chocolate boxes at the bottom of the unit. You will therefore always have our product at hand if you need to top up the promotional display.

Easy to maintain

Due to the method used to package the chocolate in the boxes, it all stays clean for a long time. Our promotional display is made of varnished wood and is easy to maintain. Simply wipe with water and soap.

Optimum storage of chocolate

The chocolates are kept in their original box with plastic film. They are protected on top by a plexiglas lid. This packaging keeps the flavours of the chocolate bars, protects them against humidity and complies with food standards.

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