The 1st Belgian producer
of organic and bulk chocolate

We are the first Belgian producer of organic and bulk chocolate that has the aim to produce chocolate where we control the entire process from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar.

At Nao, our team shares this same passion. This means we can coordinate the entire chocolate production chain, from the cultivation of the cocoa beans to the chocolate that you are holding.

For our chocolate, every day we work with:

For the selection and delivery of cocoa beans, we work together with:

Quality, authenticity and localness

Nao, this is also the authenticity of a simple chocolate with a superior taste that we obtain thanks to our special attention when selecting our raw materials and ingredients.

Our aim is to convert chocolate into a daily pleasure. We are therefore always looking for the best compromise between quality and local to guarantee a tasty product that is accessible to all. We also ensure our range permanently evolves and follows the preferences and desires of our customers.