We, at Nao, want to continue enjoying chocolate in the future and therefore we consider nature and offer our delicious organic chocolate in bulk. Our aim is to reduce our waste quantity to zero.



Belgian production through and through. A welcoming reception and a strong bond of trust: these are the Nao key concepts.


Authentic taste

Our range of simple and delicious products is produced in a traditional manner at our Belgian workplaces. Nao, that is basically a very tasty chocolate.



Our aim is to give you easy access to all information that you need to understand the Nao product. We will also gladly answer any question you may have.

Our commitments

We only have one ambition: to simply ask ourselves: how can we act at our scale in the here and now?

In the future, we want to continue making every effort for direct actions and want to directly and specifically participate in the economic and social development of our production areas. We therefore commit to:


A fair price

Offer a fair price to all actors in the production supply chain.


Direct supply chain

Today, our chocolate comes from our own 100% controlled production chain, in partnership with cooperatives working in agroforestry.


Organic certification

All our raw materials and finished products are 100% certified organic.