Our history

Dark or milk chocolate, in tablets or sandwich spreads – whatever its shape, colour or texture may be, chocolate is above all a pure moment of eating pleasure. Because of its rich flavour and the sweetness that arouses our senses, nobody can be indifferent to it. For many of us, it is a guilty little pleasure to which we gladly yield.

This love of chocolate lies at the root of the Nao adventure. Established in 2015, Nao represents a distinct vision, i.e. that of creating an everyday organic chocolate from Belgium, sold in bulk and certified organic.


Driven by this new concept, Nao decided to form a joint venture with a Belgian chocolate maker who had specialised in this craft for almost 20 years. Together, they developed a range of simple chocolates with authentic flavours, which they decided to sell in bulk in a wooden box specially designed in order to offer a different distribution method.

Today, Nao consists of a dynamic, reliable and highly responsive team, whose prime concern is to be available at all times for retailer and consumer alike. Driven by the constant desire to innovate, Nao encourages the employment of less qualified staff, as well as joint ventures with special needs workplaces.


Belgian organic chocolate sold in bulk

Nao also represents the authentic taste of chocolate which melts smoothly in the mouth. Our goal is to offer a simple product that has a superior flavour obtained through the very special attention we give to selecting our raw materials and ingredients.

Our wish is to make chocolate a little everyday pleasure. Accordingly, we are forever trying to achieve the best possible balance between quality and accessibility in order to guarantee a product that is delicious and available to all. We also take care to offer a product range that is developing all the time, and which responds to the desires and tastes of our customers.

Ninety-five per cent of our chocolates are sold in bulk in boxes produced by a Belgian craftsman. These boxes enable us to offer more than 200 tablets in four different concepts. As an innovation, these boxes meet a genuine requirement in present-day society – bulk sales increasingly appeal to the consumer, who is aware of the benefits this brings to our planet. This way, we at Nao seek to contribute towards the protection of our environment by reducing the amount of packaging as much as possible.

Our values


Bulk buying

Enjoyment rhymes with environment. Nao protects the environment by offering a delicious organic chocolate sold in bulk. Our aim is to achieve zero wastage.


Products that are definitely Belgian, a warm welcome and a trusting relationship are our watchwords here at Nao.


Our simple and delicious products are handmade in our Belgian workshops.