Our commitments

We only have one ambition: to simply ask ourselves: how can we act at our scale in the here and now?

In the future, we want to continue making every effort for direct actions and want to directly and specifically participate in the economic and social development of our production areas. We therefore commit to:


A fair price

Offer a fair price to all actors in the production supply chain.


Have a 100% controlled production supply chain.

Today, our chocolate from São Tomé is the result of our 100% controlled production supply chain – from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. We are currently consolidating our Peruvian production supply chain to do this for all our products in due course.


Shared pleasure

Our aim is to offer you chocolate that you can eat without guilt because it treats every player in the production supply chain respectfully.

But also:

An organic chocolate

Chocolate that fights against deforestation